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Why Pay Per Call Marketing Matters to Small Businesses

January 13, 2017
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If you are a small to medium size business then you will understand that maximizing your marketing ROI with your advertising budget is absolutely crucial and finding what works and what doesn’t can make or break your business. A great deal of recent research have surfaced to strongly suggest that Pay Per Call has emerged as the most impactful and most effective form of digital marketing for small businesses. Below are several reasons(supported with facts) why your small or medium business needs Pay Per Call Marketing.

Consumer Interest

People are constantly glued to their smartphones but what are they doing with them? Aside from doing the obvious(pokemon go anyone?), individuals are actually using their smartphones to conduct research on local businesses. In fact, 89% of individuals admitted to searching for a local business on their smartphones at least once a week or more with 58% searching at least daily. Depending on your geographical location and your target market, this can translate to tens of thousands of individuals in your immediate area searching for local businesses just like yours. Consumers are not only searching for business but they are taking action as well. Four out of Five of those local searches on mobile devices end in a purchase and 73% of these purchases are in brick-and-mortar stores. Pay Per Call and Click to Call are the bridges that connect these potential costumers with businesses in an effective manner via an inbound call.

Quality and Quantity of Leads

The importance of quality leads to SMBs are invaluable as many of you can attest to since sales often play an integral part in the business’ overall success. In a recent study, leads in the form of inbound calls that were generated by pay per call marketing had closing rates five to ten times higher than any other form of marketing. This is crucial because as a owner of a small or medium sized business you have to know the leads that you are receiving through your marketing efforts are the most effective and will translate to actual sales. Pay per call also provides a quantity of leads as well. By utilizing certain campaign strategies and having multiple distribution channels or outlets, a successful campaign can be scaled. This potent combination of quality and quantity inbound calls means that SMBs can get ahead of the competition and experience sales growth.

Cost Effectiveness & No Risk

Small and Medium sized business owners know all too well the dilemma between expanding their business and investing in their current operations. Business owners are getting smarter and it is not to our surprise that some decision makers are weary of trying new or current marketing techniques. Recent studies done by reputable companies such as bia/kelsey, google sources, etc, has shown us that Pay Per Call is the most effective form of marketing in comparison other forms of marketing in terms of cost effectiveness and risk aversion. Among the numerous facts and figures, we included some of the ones that highlights the point here.

Traditional Marketing types like print, radio, television are not only expensive but also ineffective:

  • 84% of respondents wanted to fast forward television advertisements as they watched
  • Even superbowl ads have loss their effectiveness: a 2014 study showed that 80% of them do not increase sales for the companies running them
  • National television commercials produced by various advertising companies costs far more, averaging $342,000 for a 30-second spot, according to the American Association of Advertising Agencies
  • Readership of Print Newspapers has fallen by a staggering 25% in just the last four years (2010-2014)
  • Magazine Readership fell by 19% in the same four-year period (2010-2014)
  • ZenithOptimedia says that it expects consumption of print newspapers will continue to drop by almost 5% per year over the next several years, and magazines almost as much
  • Average cost for magazine ads: $500-$20000 (depending on size of the magazine company and reach)
  • SEO is expensive, has a monthly retainer, takes time and the possibility of ranking for a competitive keyword can be immensely expensive and not possible because of saturation and other bigger businesses having a significantly ample budget
  • Average monthly cost for an legitimate SEO agency is $2500-$5000
  • Too much Saturation caused by many companies targeting the same keywords, has caused ranking for lucrative keywords a lot harder
  • Constant algorithm updates can affect rankings and waste more marketing dollars

For our pay per call campaigns you only invest in calls that are generated so you know that you are directly investing in the growth of your company.

Better Time Allocation

It is not uncommon for some small business owners to take on multiple roles within the company at the same time. For those types of decision makers, time allocation is important and trying to gain consumer interest might be difficult if that is not their specialty. The marketing end goal of many SMBs is to receive quality inbound calls that leads to sales but this progress can be very complex and if not done correctly can waste a lot of time and money with little ROI in both. A well crafted pay per call campaign using the right strategies and consumer knowledge fixes both problems since the consumer contacts the businesses via an inbound call at the point of sale or peak interest. All the business owner has to do is pick up the phone from an interested costumer. This will allow the business owner to focus on their business operations, develop their current product or services and maintaining quality costumer service and satisfaction or internal growth instead of trying to generate marketing interest which may difficult for some. Also, if an SMB has a small select group of sales people then they will understand how valuable Inbound calls are to their marketing pipeline. Usually having a small sales team would mean that the individuals have to not only prospect leads but also reaching out to businesses they have never spoken to before. This is extremely tedious and can waste a lot of team. An inbound call from someone that is interested in your product or service on the other hand is a hot lead which is momentously better than trying to cold outreach.

Why Pay Per Call Marketing Matters to Big Businesses

January 13, 2017
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For big businesses, being innovative in your marketing approach, maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and being aware of new opportunities are key to the success of your sales teams and ultimately the success of the company. It is no wonder then that performance marketing is the primary focus of big businesses and over the last few years, Pay Per Call has appeared to be the front runner in this category. Here are several reasons why big businesses should turn to this newest form of marketing, which is an untapped goldmine of opportunities.

Marketing Reach

It is common knowledge that the digital sphere is the easiest way to reach consumers but the medium from which businesses connect with consumers have recently changed. According to Google, Mobile search volume has overtaken desktop search volume. This year in 2016, there are currently over 225 mobile search users in the United States and this figure will continue to rise in the years to come. This signifies that Pay Per Call Marketing has the ability to reach potential costumers and clients nationwide more effectively and it offers big businesses or enterprises a chance to solidify their brand and expand their business at a considerable pace and in a effective manner. It is also interesting to note that this marketing reach will span across different demographics, job roles, age etc, as well and not only the younger generations as first believed. When we think of someone who frequently uses their smartphones, we often imagine an individual in his early 20s or someone who is in school but did you know that 77 percent of executives and B2B decision makers use their smartphones to research a product or service for their business. There are a board spectrum of smartphone users whom not only research products and services but also make purchasing decisions as well. This shows the versatility that this marketing medium provides. By setting certain priorities and utilizing different Pay Per Call campaign strategies, big businesses can target multiple demographics or concentrate on a certain demographic or age range that fits there target market. As mobile search volume continue to rise so will its marketing reach.

Heavily Influences Consumer Spending

With the shift in consumer behaviour to one that seeks instant action and easy ways of engagement, the marketing methods have changed along with this trend. Nowadays, a successful marketing campaign must have those things in mind or risk not only losing current costumers but opportunities to gain new prospects as well. Typical online marketing campaigns where the end goal is to have a consumer fill out a online form just is not going to cut it anymore. Pay Per Call fills this void between businesses and consumers since it incorporates both instant action(click to call button) and provides an easy way of engagement(consumers can speak with businesses directly). It is no surprise then in a recent 2016 study done by BIA/Kelsey, click to call, pay per call influences more than $1 trillion in U.S. consumer spending. This piece of research is extremely important because it shows not only the weight that this new type of marketing currently holds but also the way consumers like to interact with businesses. This trend will continue to grow during the coming years as mobile devices become more technologically advanced. Big Businesses that are investing in this huge opportunity will be able to establish dominance in their target market.

Performance Tracking

For big businesses, being able to track their marketing performance and obtaining sales intelligence is important for growth. One key factor that makes pay per call campaigns so valuable is that we can track not only the consumer’s location and the time of the day when the call was initiated but also what was discussed during the call. Businesses can assess the most common things which were discussed and find a standard deviant. This is to help reveal highlights of a product or service, general trend or direction in which your product or service is heading towards and also pain points and what is missing. By measuring the level of engagement and overall disposition of the consumer, you can ultimately find ways to improve your product and stay ahead of your competition. This new type of performance tracking is vital and differs from other forms of marketing. Traditional marketing methods like print(magazines and newspapers), television, radio have no form of performance tracking and the only thing businesses can semi-confident of is the level of exposure in terms of views but other than that, things like conversions or the number of leads they generate, or the time a consumer views or looks at their ad cannot be measured. Other online marketing methods such as pay per click and SEO where their primary objective is to have an individuals fill out an form or put in their contact information, the sophistication of performance tracking is just not the same and not as personal. Sure, you can check bounce rates, conversions, visitors etc(all of which pay per call can do as well) but you cannot check how the consumer feels about your business, product or service and other sticking points, essentially business intelligence crucial to business growth. Since pay per call allows businesses to listen to what was discussed during a call, they can receive crucial feedback that they might not be able to receive otherwise.

Ahead of the Competition

In the late 1990s and early 2000s when digital marketing first emerged, those who made the transition from traditional advertising to digital advertising earlier than others experienced tremendous growth in their business and had a huge advantage over the rest of the competition. The transitional phase is when businesses try to get a foothold in a new territory which only occurs on the cusps of change and huge opportunities caused by a change in technology and consumer behaviour. This phase is currently happening right now from traditional digital marketing to digital pay per call, mobile marketing and click to call. Businesses that make this inevitable jump first will be able to target new markets, increase brand image and differentiate themselves from others in the same industry.

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